ImSoAlpha Pre-Alpha Preworkout Complex for Energy, Focus, and Pump, 35 Serving (Fruit Punch)

ANTI FATIGUE: We pack our product with Waxy Maize and Citrulline Malate, ingredients designed to help remove excess lactic acid build up and improve the body’s ability to push! CREATINE UPTAKE BLEND: We all have heard the importance of creatine, so we push uptake to the limits. We add Betanine Anhydrous and Guanidino Propionic Acid to aid in absorption and regulate insulin function during your workout. IM SO ALPHA: Formulated by Mike Rashid for those serious about results, we don’t promise anything we don’t believe we can deliver! That’s why we don’t have any Proprietary Blends and only provide high quality ingredients in dosing that is effective. If you want to be the Alpha in any endeavor, give us a try today. POWERFUL ENERGY: Our product contains a expertly crafted dose of creatine, beta alanine, caffeine, and L Tyrosine to produce a surge of energy to smash obstacles in the gym. PRE ALPHA DIFFERENCE: Since it is important for bodybuilders to create a perfect balance between physical and mental performance during their workout, it is crucial they take a pre-workout supplement which offers energy, anti-fatigue and strength building properties along with focus enhancing ingredients. iX3 PRE-ALPHA ensures that your reaction times are appropriately increased and mental sharpness and alertness is at its peak while tapping into your natural energy stores.


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